Fine Time is a live-music promotion company based in Los Angeles that programs concerts in different locales throughout the city. A brick-and-mortar venue of its own is expected to open in the foreseeable future.

Fine Time wishes to provide a platform for emerging and often overlooked artists of all-genres. Along with a multitude of one-off concerts, Fine Time presents various show-series that are a reflection of it’s eclectic taste. But as diverse as these offerings all might be, they share the common purpose of bringing thoughtful, challenging, yet fun and danceable beats to its crowds.

Fine Time is best-known for it’s roving series of late-night dance parties focusing on both rising and veteran techno acts. But it does not shy away from the occasional dalliance with jazz, noise, and hip-hop. Moving forward, one can expect theses dalliances to shift from the periodic to the invariable, as the company deepens it’s commitment to programming strange and adventurous music of all styles.

What will forever stay the same, however, is its commitment to providing quality show-experiences for both the audience and performers. Fine Time curates show-specific environments to complement each musical performance individually.

Arguably more important than even the production or programming is Fine Time’s responsibility to foster an environment that is inclusive and accessible. Its doors are always open to anyone down to get a little weird.


VICE – The VICE Guide to Los Angeles
“If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to party in a Basquiat painting, you’re probably pretty cool and we should totally hang out. But, also, you’re in luck. New kid on the scene, Fine Time, brings thoughtful, challenging, yet fun and danceable beats to its crowds. Though their main thing is a wide spectrum of house, they don’t shy away from the occasional dalliance with jazz, noise, and hip-hop. You needn’t be the art school type to enjoy this scene. Their doors are open to anyone down to get a little weird with the likes of Galcher Lustwerk, Mumdance, and Matrixxman.”

Los Angeles Times – DTLA nightlife moves forward with the 25-year-old promoters behind Fine Time
“All across the city — especially on the fringes of downtown and northeast L.A. — small promoters like Fine Time are carving out new spaces for the kinds of strange, adventurous electronic music that eventually percolates out to inform the biggest pop, hip-hop, and EDM tracks.”

Resident Advisor – Real Scenes: Los Angeles (film)

LA Canvas – Fine Time: Yes, More Parties In LA
“The venture was forged on the ideals of bringing emerging and engaging talent to the audiences of LA…the duo have spent the last year capitalizing on a hungry base of fans looking for what’s next and bringing it to Los Angeles.”

XLR8R – Event Review: Matrixxman & Gunnar Haslam at Fine Time
“We as the crowd, and the scene as a whole, are really the ones who are benefiting from all of the hard work that Fine Time is putting into making its shows happen. Anyone who questions the vitality of the house or techno scene in Los Angeles needs to have a talk with Tahl or Kate. These two young promoters are fucking killing it, and as far as I can see it, they have no plans of stopping any time soon. It’s this type of verve and grit that has me completely confident in the future of Los Angeles as a place where you can have it if you want it, and Fine Time obviously want it. Tahl and Kate are not strangers to the scene, but since coming out of the gate in April with their closely curated techno lineups, Fine Time has not promoted one single subterranean show that I did not find uniquely interesting and seemingly fit for going straight to the jugular all night long.”